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    B Series Dohc Vtec Forged Valves 150

    We have couple cars on the grounds tonight testing for tomorrow. Come on out and set up for the weekend Test & Tune from 5pm to 10pm tonight.

    See you all there
  2. Brake Rotors and Pads Exclusive sale from RacingBrake

    I was contacted by the seller of those rotors and pads this morning. They are sending me out a replacment set of the rear rotors plus a return label for the set I got from them originally.

  3. Car hasnt run in a year fuel pump didnt help

    when i shift into 2nd and then put my foot on the gas the car starts to chug and then it does the same in 3rd then eventually it stops. But it is only when i put the pedal to the floor. Anyone know...
  4. Yonaka Motorsports Full Coilover Kit from only 499 99

    So Im looking at various power brake conversion kits for my 68 f100 SB it 2wd with a 390 and manual trans with disc/drum swap on it, but all the kits Im seeing state a automatic trans only. Is there...
  5. Yonaka Motorsports Full Coilover Kit from only 499 99

    Mine leaks from the front too and I just did a headgasket job about a year ago and only put 1000 miles on it. It sucks. Head deck but I used a fel pro gaskets.
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    Is it possible to run A/C

    We run on CB channel 13 if you need to call for help. I dont know the HAM channels off the top of my head but I can post them later. We are always willing to help fellow wheelers if needed.
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