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These posting rules are in place for everyone to follow and make the more enjoyable. If you have any questions or comments about the rules, do not hesitate to contact us.

Think before you post. Has someone already posted this? Use the search. Do I need to make a new thread, or will my post happily go into an existing one?

Act maturely. Don't sink to inflammatory statements - report them to a Administrator or Moderator. Remember that your opinion is only your opinion, and other people have a right to disagree with it, just as you have a right to have it. Be polite.

Do not bully other members. Flaming or constant attacking will not be tolerated. In the same vein, don't post whiny threads that incite people to flame you. Personal attacks against other forum members will not be tolerated.

No racist remarks!!! This will not be tolerated at all. If you find a remark please contact a Administrator or Moderator immediately.

No nudity!!! - Nude pictures will be removed without warning in posts, signatures, avatars, or any section of the website. We will allow outside links to NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content, but please mark your thread as NSFW.

What qualifies as nudity?
Their are different opinions on to what is an acceptable form of nudity. No topless women, no bottomless women/men.

Refrain from bumping (putting the topic to the top) OLD threads (ie. 2 years ago), unless necessary. The original poster may no longer visit the website or be unaware of your question or comment. If you still need to ask a question in that topic that has been posted a long time ago, we advise creating another topic on your question.

15 post minimum - To reduce spam, new users will not be able to post links or image tags in there post until they have reached a minimum of 15 posts.

How do I post an image?


The maximum number of characters allowed in a signature is 500. Signature images cannot exceed 700x170 pixels.


There is currently no system to automatically check for signature size limits, so Administrators and Moderators will be checking manually. If your signature is in violation, you will be asked to fix it. If you do not change your signature upon request, it may be removed without warning. It is your responsibility to edit your signature and bring it within the rules.

Again, NO nudity!!!


The maximum allowed avatar size will be 100x100 pixels.


Again, NO nudity!!!


If you wish to Advertise your website or product, you have the following options:

1. Purchase banner advertising throughout the website.
Click here to view current rates.

2. Create a "Vendor" account with us, and advertise in the "Vendor Classifieds" forum. This forum allows vendors to post topics, and user reply to their topics with questions or comments.

To get any more information about advertising.
Click here to contact us.

Spamming a hyperlink or product in any of the forums to try to sell anything is forbidden, Spammers will be permanently banned without warning.

Private Sales

It is free for all members to post in the private sales forum to sell any of their products, NO VENDORS ALLOWED. If you have a question on how or what to post, please contact the moderators of that forum.

Be an intelligent buyer! Their has been a few cases of fraud that has happened, but we will make sure that these members are removed immediately before they even sell their product.

We advise you check the following:
- Registered number (Lower number will mean they have been active longer)
- Post Count (Usually means that they are active)
- Post history (What content the post)
- Trader Rating

If you have run into a problem or situation, please contact any of the Administrators or Moderators.


Failure to comply with the above rules may result in disciplinary actions being taken against you, including a ban on your forum account. These actions are usually as follows (although the Administrators & Moderators may, at our discretion, skip steps as we deem necessary):

If you do not comply with the above rules, the following actions are taken (although at Administrators & Moderators my skip actions at our discretion):

For the first violation, a warning is sent via email or private message (PM) and the offending post is modified or deleted.

The next offense is a ban of your account at the decision of the Administrator or Moderator, and could result in a permanent ban of your account or IP address.

The forum Administrators and Moderators have the right to modify, edit, move, or delete any posts or topics made on the forum.

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Final words by Boske

Although we are not as strict as other web boards, we need to follow these simple rules to make reading posts and topics enjoyable and have pages loading fast. I expect everyone to abide by them, and refer to the rules where violators arise.

Enjoy your stay here @!


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