In April and July I reported on a radical new wheel-motor system from Orbis Wheels that completely eliminates the center hub structure of the wheel and instead uses a small, high-speed electric motor to power the rim via a ring gear and pinion drive. At the time, the startup company's functional proof-of-concept test vehicle was an electric minibike, but because dorky minibikes don't stop much traffic容ven on the Society of Automotive Engineers show floor葉he company also mocked its idea up on the rear axle of a traffic-arresting winged and spoilered Championship White Civic Type R. "Made'ja look!"

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    ミ湲ミクミウミサミーム威オミスミクミオ ミスミー ムミーミケム

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    Oh yeah thanks 6gc,

    Yes its similar to ebay etc, But its new zealands version of it,

    Yeah i thought the 3rd gen bolt pattern

    SVO Manifold on D Series motor

    Vickifrine Yesterday, 12:53 PM Go to last post

    Not sure if youll need to remove the top mount intercooler, but RacerX, Full Race, and Doc Racing all make manifolds for the gen3 motor. Be warned...itll

    SVO Manifold on D Series motor

    Cynthiarot Yesterday, 02:41 AM Go to last post

    Regrind cams sounds fine to me. Ill do those, springs, and possible port and polish. I am interested in the golden eagle manifold, what tb flange options

    SVO Manifold on D Series motor

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    17 students were injured. Sounds like too many people on the slide, who was supposed to supervise the slide and make sure it was not overloaded. That

    Win a Free Car Emergency Kit from SafetyKitsPlus

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