View Full Version : CRX mods for a dutch car.

03-27-2002, 02:57 PM
Hey guy's I'm planning to buy a pretty old CRX without VTEC, just for fun. I'm from the Netherlands and most cars have made fairly amounts of city drives. Mileage would be in another light over here since distances are extremely small between work, family and so on. I've got like 3K $ to spare for this car at the moment and I'm working at an exhaustmanufacturer, so making the entire exhaust myself would't be the problem! I'm thinking about a few little mod's at first that I can make myself. I'm allready working out a turbo kit running at 12 a 13 psi allready but what's the first thing to reenforge in my engine? That's the tricky part for me! At what boost from a turbo can a normal engine be driven day in day out? Is there some kind of limit? I know all about turbo's and exhaustsystems (even cat's) but the internals of an engine are new to me, what do you recommend? I know, just bolting on a turbo and replacing the standard exhaustsystem are just the first part for me, but what about the rest?

Share your knowledge please!

(p.s. the european engines deliver about 130 hp without cat, thought it was different in the states and canada, since you're restricted to use cat's on your car.)