View Full Version : 2003 T.O AutoShow

02-19-2003, 02:30 PM
This past weekend I found it hard to miss the calling of the Autoshow, so I decided to go, Twice infact! They have some extremely nice cars there! So many times I dreamed of hopping into a car such as the NSX or a few RSX's and Integra Type R's they had on display, they had a few JDM cars there to. The Honda area had a civic cop car there, looked like it was from Japan, kinda cool looking... As I proceeded to the Italian monsters Ferarri and Lamborghini, wow, is all I could say... The Ferrari Enzo is a car that would be fun to drive, they wouldnt let people get within 10ft of it, to bad its illegal in Canada :( the Lamborghini Murciealgo [sp] was also extremely nice, smaller in real life then it looks in the photos, it was up on a circular show stand, you could a lot closer to that then the Enzo... Overall I must say I was impressed with the show, they also have the Bat Mobile there!!!! to much drooling and dreaming, never enough $$$$$$ >_<

02-20-2003, 01:40 AM
Cool, any pics? Is this the international auto show? I didn't know the enzo was illegal in canada. That's ok, I personally think it's fugly.