View Full Version : 92 maxima for sale - excelent condition

04-23-2002, 11:00 PM
im not 100% sure im selling it yet, but there is a good chance. its light blue, and has 40,000 original miles on it. it was my grandmas car. everything is in good shape, i change the oil and everything every 3000 miles. and its v6. it has alloy rims and nwe tires, ac, power windows, power seats, power everything, and a power sunroof. its automatic, which sucks, but besides that its basically in perfect condition. there is a small dent in the trunk, that i can proally take out myself when i get unlazy, it didnt crack the paint and goes maybe 1/8 of an inch in, and there is a small dent on the very very bottom of the car under the passanger side rear door. it can also be easily fixed, but its not noticeable at all, i just noticied it like last week when i was washing the car, and i have no idea how it got there. besides that the car is in excellent shape. asking 6,000 but it is negotiable. would be good if person lived in ny area.