View Full Version : Accord 95 h22a good lord!

04-20-2002, 11:36 PM
Have you ever just been really pissed off and almost on the verge of destroying someone?

Today, I went up to my car which is in the hands of (www.bmtranny.com) and they are the absolute best. But while they were painting today or last night the guy who was previously working on my car (Masi Motors) kicked two huge dents in both of my doors, my fender and my trunk. Cops came, but to no avail. He also ripped up my jacket and put it on my spoiler, this guy is a sick fuck. So, they go over and he denys it all but, we all know its him because it's an hour away from where I live so theres no way anyone else would be out to get me, and it was done with work boots (things he has, and his exact foot print). I think that the po-po will do something good, but I don't know.

So the outcome is that I wont get my car till May 10th-15th and it's going to be painted Electron Blue Pearl (Color of the Si's and Preludes) and I guess it's for the best.

But I hope I can get this guy to pay, when I get my scanner working I'll send a pic on this message board, it's pretty fucked up. I was soo pissed, and to top it off im arguing with my girlfriend.

I think Ace of Base said it the best


04-21-2002, 01:20 AM
wow that sucks bro. Best of luck with the new color

04-21-2002, 07:08 AM
i hear ya man, beat his @$$! :lol: Hope your car comes out okay, phat color choice!

04-21-2002, 11:18 AM
that really sux...good luck w/ that hope u get some extra cash out of it... :smile: