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10-03-2002, 03:55 PM
Formula(R+M)/2 Cost Mixtures with 92 Octane Premimum Note
10% 20% 30%
Toulene 114 $2.50/gal 94.2 Octane 96.4 Octane 98.6 Octane
Xylene 117 $2.75/gal 94.5 Octane 97.0 Octane 99.5 Octane
(MTBE) 118 $3.50/gal 94.6 Octane 97.2 Octane 99.8 Octane


Toulene: Common ingredient in Octane Boosters in a can. 12-16 ounces will only raise octane 2-3 *points*, i.e. from 92 to 92.3. Often costs $3-5 for 12-16 ounces, when it can be purchased for less than $3/gal at chemical supply houses or paint stores.

Xylene: Similar to Toulene. 12-16 ounces will only raise octane 2-3 *points*, i.e. from 92 to 92.3. Usually mixed with Toulene and advertised as *race formula*.

Methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether (MTBE): Oxygenate. Very common in octane booster products. Has lower BTU content than toulene or xylene, but oxygenate effect makes the gasoline burn better and produce more energy.

Methanol or Ethanol: Methanol is wood alcohol. Ethanol is grain alcohol and found in Gasohol in 10% ratios. Both alcohols are mildly corrosive and will eat gas tank linings, rubber and aluminum if used in excessive ratios. Main ingredient in "Gas Dryers", combine with water.

Isopropyl Alcohol and Tertiary Butyl Alcohol: Similar to Methanol/Ethanol. Isopropyl Alcohol is simply rubbing alcohol.

Making your own
How to make your own octane booster (this is the basic formula of one of the popular octane booster products). To make eight 16 ounce bottles (128 oz = 1 gal):
100 oz of toulene for octane boost
25 oz of mineral spirits (cleaning agent)
3 oz of transmission fluid (lubricating agent)

This product is advertised as "octane booster with cleaning agent *and* lubricating agent!". Diesel fuel or kerosene can be substituted for mineral spirits and light turbine oil can be substituted for transmission fluid. Color can be added with petroleum dyes.

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Interesting.. might try it out someday.