View Full Version : In need of some major help , I created the biggest screwup ever

12-27-2016, 12:36 AM
So here is goes I have a 97 accord with 220k miles with a original engine . I'm going to try and make a long story short . Problem I'm facing is I have a crank no spark situation . Here's how it happened my D**b A** pulled the number 4cylinder spark plug wire out while the car was idling . I did this because I noticed a bit of oil around the top of the spark plug wire boot so pulled off to investigate /clean off . I went back into sat on the driver seat because I heard a buzzing sound looked at the dash n the check engine light was on solid n right then the car stumbled and died. Then I thought oh s**t I left the boot off ,so I went back put it back in its cylinder . Went back to the driver seat and cranked it over and no start. So here I am trying to figure out why none of the plug wires have no spark to them . So here comes the long list of things I swapped and checked Distributor, coil, crank position sensor, igniter in distribtor, main relay under dash, swapped the ecm from a good running honda, I'm seriously at the end of my road with this . And last week I took the car to a small auto shop and the shop manager told me yep I checked everything after 4 days of having it and it's the crank sensor he quoted me 450 to put in a new sensor and for labor I said no way don't have the money and technically I can do it myself . I have broken down the car and put a new timing belt a year and half ago and the car has been running for almost 100 k no problems. So it gets better I have the car towed home I buy a sensor put.it in and what do you know still no start and no spark. I'm out of time , ideas , and patience with this car I need to get it running ASAP and don't have the cash to put in a Honda dealership. And yes I cheked the main fuses in the fuse box and yes its getting fuel to the rail and it does have half tank of gas. I need help , if somebody has ever experienced this symptom / problem before please shed some light in my situation. The only thing I could think of would be the actual wiring from crank sensor connector to ecm or I was told a knock sensor may do have the same effect on my car or someone mentioned something about a gear or sprocket the sensor makes contact with being worn out but that really don't make all that much sense because it ran fine before . I seriously need the oem troubleshooting book from Honda but you pretty much have to finance it being it cost so damn much . Thanks for all your help guys and gals

01-01-2017, 03:32 PM
Wish I could help but have problems myself but only have people reading my post but not giving any advice. I'm not an expert but try to do most of the work myself if possible. My sons car got flooded during Huricane Mathew and I have a hard ABS & SRS light that won't go out. I checked the sensors yesterday, drove it in my garage, pulled connector off the ABS module and all 4 sensors are reading around 45-47 ohm. Noticed the master brake cylinder fluid was dirty so sucked some of the fluid out and refilled. I then thought I would try set the SRS light by shorting the connector as instructed on one of the utube videos, well after this I tried to start the car and it would not start, spayed some starter fluid in the air filter intake and it will initially start but then shut down. Hope you can get some help, maybe everyone on this site is on vacation. I don't know if I fxxxx something up, tried disconnecting battery but that didn't help. Looking for some help as well!