View Full Version : Took the RSX to the 1320 strip this weekend...

09-16-2012, 12:26 AM

The vid pretty much sums up my runs. It was my first time with the car at the track w/ my current setup. I plan on going a few more times this season as it starts to get cooler over here and hope to lower my ETs, I definitely think it's possible because of my traps, which I think can improve as well as we get some colder air. There was no scale there, so I have no idea what the car weighed. I started with 32psi in the tires and was getting some wheel hop, so I lowered them to about 23-25psi. For the most part I was pulling 2.2-2.3s, but did manage a few 2.1 60fts (gotta love FWD on a street tire).

The 335's best time was 13.3 @ 105.
The EG's best time was 13.5 @ 102.5.