View Full Version : ACT Clutch Kit and Flywheel Blowout at Redline Motive - Best user reviews!

Redline Motive
08-08-2011, 09:49 PM
At Redline Motive, some of our best reviews for clutches are for the ACT Clutches (http://www.redlinemotive.com/store/act/act-heavy-duty-clutch-kit.asp) and also Competition Clutches (http://www.redlinemotive.com/brands/competition-clutch.asp).

We're having a special blow out price on the ACT for in stock items:

Acura ACT Clutch (http://www.redlinemotive.com/store/act/act-heavy-duty-clutch-kit/acura.asp)
Honda ACT Clutch (http://www.redlinemotive.com/store/act/act-heavy-duty-clutch-kit/honda.asp)

Check out our full catalog of clutches and flywheels at Redline Motive: Clutch/Flywheel (http://www.redlinemotive.com/catalog/drivetrain.asp)

Thanks guys!