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Redline Motive
11-13-2010, 08:31 PM
Replace your Honda Civic's TPS sensor without having to replace the whole throttle body. TPS sensors in stock and ready to ship!

Yonaka Honda Civic Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) YMTPS001 (http://www.civiconly.com/YMTPS001) $59.99 (Lifetime Warranty!)
Omni-Power B Series TPS Sensor (Honda Civic) TPS-OM-B (http://www.civiconly.com/TPS-OM-B) $59.99
Omni-Power D Series TPS Sensor (Honda Civic DX 88-91) TPS-PRE-OM (http://www.civiconly.com/TPS-PRE-OM) $59.99
Omni-Power K Series TPS Sensor (02-05 Civic Si) TPS-RSB (http://www.civiconly.com/TPS-RSB) $99.99
Blackworks TPS Sensor Honda Civic B/D Series BWTPS-B (http://www.civiconly.com/BWTPS-B) $39.99
Blackworks TPS Sensor Honda Civic Si (02-05) K Series BWTPS-K (http://www.civiconly.com/BWTPS-K) $69.99