View Full Version : APTuned is proud to now carry Gizzmo Electronic Boost Controllers!

Redline Motive
11-07-2010, 01:36 AM
APTuned is proud to now carry Gizzmo Boost Controllers (http://www.aptuned.com/boost-controllers/gizzmo-boost-controllers)!

Established in 1992, Gizzmo Electronics has been quietly designing and manufacturing some of the most unique & affordable automotive performance electronics for some time now and has become the single most popular line of performance electronics in Australia.

These new boost controllers are incredible... click the links for more info! All 3 are in stock!

Gizzmo IBC-R RPM Dependent Electronic Boost Controller G0926 (http://www.aptuned.com/GIZ-G0926)
Gizzmo MS-2 Boost Controller & Turbo Management G0922 (http://www.aptuned.com/GIZ-G0922)
Gizzmo MS-IBC Multi-Scramble Intelligent Boost Controller G0921 (http://www.aptuned.com/GIZ-G0921)