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Redline Motive
09-13-2010, 12:08 AM
Hawk Performance brake products (http://www.redlinemotive.com/brands/hawk-performance.asp) are engineered to allow users to control, command and conquer whatever type of terrain their vehicle is designed for. Decades of experience developing friction materials for Aerospace, Industrial, Military, Automotive and Motorsports applications give us an advantage over the competition. Our advanced friction technology enables us to provide the right brake pad for whatever you drive, and wherever you drive. What separates Hawk Performance from all the rest?

AEROSPACE: While others claim Aerospace technology, we drive it. As the leading global OE supplier to this industry, we set the trends for advanced friction technology.

MILITARY: As a primary supplier for Military tanks, heavy equipment and a wide variety of land vehicles, our friction materials perform flawlessly in nearly every form of brutal terrain around the globe.

MOTORSPORTS: Our products are utilized by more champions than any other friction manufacturer. In the heat of battle, Hawk Performance provides race car drivers with a substantial competitive edge.

AUTOMOTIVE: Recognized as the leader in the performance street market, our products provide improved braking over original equipment and leading aftermarket competitors. Hawk Performance, the first and best choice to increase your braking capability.

Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads (http://www.redlinemotive.com/store/hawk-performance/hawk-ceramic-brake-pads.asp)
Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads (http://www.redlinemotive.com/store/hawk-performance/hawk-hp-plus-brake-pads.asp)
Hawk HPS Brake Pads (http://www.redlinemotive.com/store/hawk-performance/hawk-hps-brake-pads.asp)
Hawk LTS Brake Pads (http://www.redlinemotive.com/store/hawk-performance/hawk-lts-brake-pads.asp)
Hawk Super Duty Brake Pads (http://www.redlinemotive.com/store/hawk-performance/hawk-super-duty-brake-pads.asp)