View Full Version : 2009 Le Mans, MotoGP Season Review DVD Sale!

12-17-2009, 05:45 PM
We are getting these dvds in shortly and wanted to offer them at a 15% discount to you guys for the holidays. Plus you can't beat free shipping for orders over $35 as well.

15% OFF Coupon Code: GPWINNER This deal expires Dec 23, 2009.

Le Mans 2009: Official Review
http://www.livesockets.com/shop/assets/images/D4605.jpg (http://www.247motoring.com/shop/shop_showbook.php?id=kul0006&client=247Motoring)

MotoGP 2009: Official Review
http://www.livesockets.com/shop/assets/images/d4498.jpg (http://www.247motoring.com/shop/shop_showbook.php?id=kul0004&client=247Motoring)

MotoGP: Evolution of a Species - looks at the evolution of MotoGP bikes since the inception of the 4-stroke class. very cool.
http://www.livesockets.com/shop/assets/images/d4499.jpg (http://www.247motoring.com/shop/shop_showbook.php?id=kul0005&client=247Motoring)