View Full Version : 90' Accord LX Losing Power

08-20-2009, 12:50 PM
I'm having an issue and can't find the issue and don't want to throw a lot of money at it to hope to fix it. Problem is when I'm driving and this is random not all the time, it feels like the car is losing fuel, pushing in clutch rev the motor let the clutch out then it drives ok. Get another few hundred feet or so and same thing, when it starts to drop power at a cruising speed or on the gas, if you stay in the gas pedal engine slows down dramatically like it is dying at a steady pace, push clutch in and rev it and ease clutch out and it is fine again. Doesnt seem to make a difference hot or cold. I replaced the plugs and the fuel filter and it is doing the same thing. When I pulled the plugs all of them looked like they were burning lean and two of them which was three and four look like they may have been detonating but not sure on that. It finally threw a code but the light is gone now, it was short lived. I tried to read the code but I only got one flash but I did not use a jumper anywhere. Now here is the strange part, I located the ECU on the passenger floor but can't locate the service connector anywhere. Now according to my Chilton Manual the ECU should be under my driver seat but it is not, passenger side. The service connector according to the manual is not where it should be so I have checked all locations for all models and can't find it. Now when I searched this forum closest I found was that it is suppose to be behind the kick panel on the passenger side, blue 2-wire connector, not there!