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05-21-2009, 01:34 PM
We just announced this title for release June 2. Pre-order before this date and get your choice of any of the 2006-2007 WRC DVD for free! Full Detail here! (http://www.247motoring.com/shop/shop_showbook.php?id=wrc0010&client=livesockets)

http://www.goldensilk.com/assets/images/208.jpg (http://www.livesockets.com/view_video2.php?id=208)
View trailer (http://www.livesockets.com/view_video2.php?id=208)


We are also running a special deal on the Best Motoring v22 Rally Evo vs Tuner s2000 DVD (http://www.247motoring.com/shop/shop_showbook.php?id=best0022&client=livesockets) this week. Purchase this one and you will get your pick of either the Evo Strikes Back! (http://www.247motoring.com/shop/shop_showbook.php?id=best0007&client=livesockets) or EVO IX the next Evolution DVD (http://www.247motoring.com/shop/shop_showbook.php?id=best0016&client=livesockets) for free. See Full Detail Here! (http://www.247motoring.com/shop/shop_showbook.php?id=best0022&client=livesockets)

http://www.livesockets.com/shop/assets/images/best0022.jpg (http://www.247motoring.com/shop/shop_showbook.php?id=best0022&client=livesockets)

05-26-2009, 02:30 PM
Today is the last day for our EXPANDED 2-for-1 Best Motoring DVD sale.

Buy any Best Motoring DVDs vol. 21-24 and get a free DVD from our selected list of Best Motoring and Hot Version DVDs. Full detail here! (http://www.247motoring.com)