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01-22-2009, 12:51 PM
We have a limited stock of the Jan issues of Option (http://www.247motoring.com/shop/shop_showbook.php?id=kk22211&client=247Motoring) and Option 2 (http://www.247motoring.com/shop/shop_showbook.php?id=kk22451&client=247Motoring) magazines in stock. See below for full detail.

http://www.livesockets.com/shop/assets/images/kk22211.jpg (http://www.247motoring.com/shop/shop_showbook.php?id=kk22211&client=247Motoring)

Jan 2009 issue features:

Spoon NSX-R Feature (3.5 liter NA)
Select Racing Team Wangan Tuned Skyline feature (R33, R34)
500 horsepower club (Garage Yahata R34, Top Secret Supra, Amuse Chaser, RE Amemiya FD3S, HKS Kansai Evo, etc...)
Nissan GT-R35 Tuning Scene - go fast and cosmetic parts galore!
80's car special feature (Soarer, RX7, Skyline, Lancer, Fairlady)

All this and much more JDM goodness that you expect from Option.

http://www.livesockets.com/shop/assets/images/kk22451.jpg (http://www.247motoring.com/shop/shop_showbook.php?id=kk22451&client=247Motoring)

This one features:

Spoon Civic Type R Feature inside!
Street Live 2009 Special - High hp cars in the touge and on the highway.
2008 Omega Cup at Ebisu
Dunlop Lancer Evolution X Star Spec Project
Okayama Tuning Festival
Tokyo Auto Salon 2009
Super Style King JZZ30 Soarer
2009 New Parts Catalog
Girl Tuner Feature