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11-15-2008, 02:38 PM
wek'sos industries is an authorized Work Wheels Dealer for all Models of Work Line-ups.
We can get custom sizes, fitments, offsets, and colors for most applications. Below are some specific models you might be interested in.
Please PM for stepped Lip lip wheels!

Please PM or call 408-988-WEAK for details and inquiries on ANY model of Work Wheels.
For more information and detailed pictures, goto www.workwheelsusa.com. (http://workwheelsusa.com)

Most wheels are special order from Japan 6-8 weeks minimum.

http://www.weaksauceparts.com/pics/bmw/work_top.jpg (http://weaksauce.org)

http://www.weaksauceparts.com/pics/bmw/rezax_new.jpg (http://weaksauce.org)

http://www.weaksauceparts.com/pics/bmw/ls_new.jpg (http://weaksauce.org)

http://www.weaksauceparts.com/pics/bmw/varianza_new.jpg (http://weaksauce.org)

http://www.weaksauceparts.com/pics/bmw/vs_new.jpg (http://weaksauce.org)

http://www.weaksauceparts.com/weaksauce/featured/ryang/2.jpg (http://weaksauce.org)

http://www.weaksauceparts.com/weaksauce/featured/ryang/5.jpg (http://weaksauce.org)

http://www.weaksauceparts.com/pics/bmw/schwert_new.jpg (http://weaksauce.org)

http://www.weaksauceparts.com/pics/bmw/euroline_new.jpg (http://weaksauce.org)

http://www.weaksauceparts.com/pics/bmw/brombacher_new.jpg (http://weaksauce.org)

http://www.weaksauceparts.com/pics/bmw/xsa_new.jpg (http://weaksauce.org)

http://www.weaksauceparts.com/pics/bmw/meister_new.jpg (http://weaksauce.org)

http://www.weaksauceparts.com/pics/bmw/work_wheels_lineup.jpg (http://weaksauce.org)

Work's profile:

WORK Co Ltd is Japan 's premier manufacturer of high quality automotive performance wheels. Established in 1977 the company grew quickly and now has several manufacturing plants and offices in Japan.

The company produces a wide range of one and three-piece wheels aimed at the top end of the aftermarket.
As well as producing wheels for car companies like Mitsubishi and tyre companies like Bridgestone and Toyo.

WORK operates a dedicated and separate Research & Development office in Osaka , Japan staffed by a team of designers and engineers who utilise the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to develop the unique and eye-catching designs the company is famous for.

Motorsport plays a key role in the development and marketing of the Work Wheels brand, with WORK wheels fitted to everything from McLaren F1 singleseaters to the sports and GT cars which compete in the Autobacs Japan GT Championship.

WORK Wheels Philosophy

wheels make vehicles look totally different, sometimes sporty, sometimes elegant and sometimes gorgeous...
wheels are the most important component in that they determine the category of your car.
Our ultimate goal as wheels manufacturer is to supply our customer's needs, whatever they may be.

With our specialised technology and 30 years experiences, we are confident about designing desirable wheels.

e.g. We developed technology to construct multi piece wheels such as two piece wheels and three piece wheels.
This technology could not have been obtained without amazing craftsmanship and long time experience that our staff possesses.

We take pride in establishing a system that realizes more precise setting with a variety of offsets and rims and that makes what customers have dreamed of more graphic and embodied.

We can also offer custom wheel colors and P.C.D. which respond to various needs of rapidly changing market.

We are the ultimate source for custom wheels. We have the strong conviction that our latest cutting edge engineering and technology realize your dreams.