View Full Version : **New Skunk2 Racing 12-month Conditional Warranty!**

11-05-2007, 01:58 PM
Skunk2 Racing is pleased to announce an all-new warranty program. We are extending our standard 90-day warranty period to an industry leading 12-month conditional warranty.

If you have purchased a Skunk2 product from an authorized Skunk2 dealer or the Skunk2 Online Store please visit www.skunk2.com/warranty to register your product and take full advantage of the new Skunk2 12-month conditional warranty. If you have not previously purchased from Skunk2ís online store or you donít already have an online account with Skunk2 Racing, please register and create an account at www.skunk2.com/warranty . When you reach the warranty landing page you will have 3 options from which to select from:

(1) I have purchased product(s) from the Skunk2 Online Store
and I already have a customer account, but I have not yet registered
this product(s)

If you have purchased from the Skunk2 Online Store we will have your information on file. However, your Skunk2 Online Store account is different from your Warranty Registration account. Simply sign in with your Online Store account login and password and your information will be filled in for you. All you have to do is finish the registration process and your Warranty Registration account will be activated.

(2) I have purchased product(s) from an authorized
Skunk2 dealer, but I have not registered with Skunk2

If you have not already registered on the Skunk2 Online Store or made a Warranty Registration account you will be prompted to fill in your personal information and information regarding your Skunk2 product purchase. Once you are finished your account will be activated and you will be able to register all Skunk2 products purchased.

(3) I have previously registered other Skunk2 products online

Choose this option if you already have a Skunk2 Warranty Registration account and have already registered your Skunk2 parts in the past.

Registration is fast, easy and free. Creating an online account will not only allow you to register all Skunk2 products youíve purchased, it will also give you access to new product releases and updates, tuning tips, as well as discounts and coupons for Skunk2 products.

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