View Full Version : Big engine, little space!!

09-30-2006, 12:05 PM
I have a 1992 civic lx with a puny b15b2 in it thats pushing about 100 hp. I plan to put a mack daddy h22a1 in it but i wonder if i can put such a big engine in such a little car without removing the little luxuries that i have in the car like my a/c. i will be using this car everyday and need an engine thats reliable as well as worth the money. If i do purchase ths engine what would i need to actually make this swap work b/c i heard this engine is also a little heavy. But is it worth all this extra work or should i just go with a b18c1 swap. Man oh Man what should i do with my little blue 92.

one more thing, Do you know of any reputable sites i can get these swaps for cheap.

I appreciate any help i can get,
Thank you :yelcool: