View Full Version : 94 Accord Lowered to Stock Suspension Problem

09-06-2006, 06:45 PM
I recently bought a 94 Accord that had been lowered using 2" Neuspeed Lowering Springs (at least I was told they were a 2" drop). Basically, the car was too low for me as it often scraped and has a dent in the header from the previous owner bottoming out.

So I installed a set of stock springs. However, after installing the stock springs the ride height on the car is too high. There is about a 5" gap between the tire and the fender (which is about 2" too high for stock I believe). I took the springs off and reinstalled them but still had the same problem. The spring length is about 12" under load, which I compared to the specs of an OEM part and sounds about right.

The only thing that I can think it could be is the upper control arm mount. They appear to be replacement parts and also appear to be adjustable. My next step is to play with those and see what I can come up with. Other than that, I'm completely stuck as to what the problem could be and any help would be greatly appreciated.

09-06-2006, 10:28 PM
its most likely a camber kit. that could solve your problem, but I dont really think so. the gap on stock springs is large, however, I agree that 5 inches is too much. are they new springs? they might need to settle.