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01-29-2006, 09:54 PM
hey peoples, i dont usually post on here but read occasionally and theres some good write ups on here too, all around good site, so anyways, i have a 91 4 door with a zc swapped in and im running a 4 speed trans that i pulled out of a hatch along with the spindles and axles, now im trying to go back to my old setup which was zc trans with integra axles and integra spindles, now im trying to run the integra spindles on the 4 speed trans with civic axles, is this possible, the axles seem to small for the hubs, could it of been a civic std with smaller axles that i pulled my stuff from or is it just not possible to run civic axles on teg spindles without making custom axles, any help would be great.

01-30-2006, 12:27 AM
why not just get a tranny that will use the stock axles and not have to fuck around w/ spindles and mixing and matching.

that usually just leads to more problems.

if the 4 speed tranny can bolt up the zc then i dont see why axles used in another tranny that bolted up the zc wouldnt work too.....did that even make sense...? who knows.

i dont really know that much about the zc so im not too much of a help.

just go back to the old set up and dont mess w/ spindle/axles combo's just a straight stock axle

01-30-2006, 01:44 AM
no you got it wrong, the tranny bolts up, everything is fine right now,except for the wheel bearings were bad and i let them get so bad that they ruined the civic hubs, so, i ran the teg hubs before with the zc trans and teg axles, they 1'' bigger rotors and bigger calipers, so free big brake upgrade basically, but i could of swore that 90-91 civic ex si and 90-93 teg hubs were the same, they have the same size 10.3'' rotors, but im just wondering if maybe i have the civic std, which has smaller axles and hubs, thats why it wont fit, or will 90-91 civic axles not fit into teg hubs

the zc tranny has a bigger sized diff so you need a intermediate shaft and 88-89 teg axles to run that trans, thats why i cant use teg axles in the civic trans

basically the question is will 90-91 civic si axles fit into 90-93 integra hubs