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04-03-2002, 07:03 PM
In the closing stages of the car, I have learned a lot, and have a lot to learn. But, things are coming together and it's almost all done. A few other things to think about when doing your car h22a - turbo in a 94-97 Accord.

1. You are probably going to have a hard time with the stock bumper/cover, you should replace it with an aftermarket one. Preferably one with a big open space at the bottom, for your intercooler. I kept mine stock for the sleeper look, but it was tight. Really tight.

2. Your wiring harness is on opposite sides of the engine, and is a pain in the arse. You should definately have a trained professional do this and I witnessed today what the guy who responded to my last thread was talking about.

3. Not to contradict anyone on the board, but you should definately use the Prelude Axels in the front. The Accord Axels would snap in 2, or so I have been to believe. If you want to get the swap done right, you should just have a shop do it, and not take advice from people online - but I am just telling you guys what I have found out.

4. Your A/C Unit in the car will work, with slight modifications - but due to a lot of heat from the turbo, you may have a small problem with the A/C. I do not know yet, and I will update people as I find out, but if I had to do it again, I would have taken the A/C out and recommend it to anyone.

5. To update on that Radiator situation, the guy yesterday was right. They do not make a radiator like they do for the 92-95 Civics, but I have had one custom made, and should have it shortly.

6. I cannot stress this enough, CHANGE YOUR CLUTCH! ACT, drag any of those companies that make clutches, get one. Do not get the stage 3 unless you are thinking about not driving a lot on the street, because it is harsh. Even though it says Turbo Clutch, the stage 2 should do just fine.

Thats all for now. The car should be arriving at my house in about 6 hours. So,I will be posting pictures as soon as I figure out my scanner :grin:

I can be reached at TJCCARDCO@aol.com

04-03-2002, 07:14 PM
Even though I will never see your car or anything, I feel the excitement 4 you. I wish I was undergoing somethin' as cool as an H22 swap process. Good luck, and hope everything goes right!! :grin:

04-03-2002, 08:20 PM
tru that good luck...i hope to turbo my h22 in the near future...let us know ur results...

04-04-2002, 09:56 AM
you contradicted yourself by saying not to take advice from people online...your thread is a big advice. At any rate, I wish I have the money for a turbo car :cry: Your car sounds nice and should be fast. Good luck with the tuning it in w/ the VTEC.

04-04-2002, 10:43 AM
regarding the a/c system it can be retained rather easily. i did with a custom set-up and piping. i used a 94-97 fluidyne accord radiator with dual aftermarket slim fans.
let me tell you i ran this car for 5 months straight int he summer. i shit you not, driving 90-95mph at 95 degrees i had no overheating whatsoever. that fluidyne is god's gift.

also, all honda bumpers are the same. there is no fmic out there that will bolt up perfectly unless you have one that's about 12x5x2.5. remember the thicker the fmic, the more efficient it will be at higher boost levels in the future.

i do not recommend using the prelude axles. trust me, if people can run 11's on stock accord axles so can you. i had no problems with my axles for 2 years of very hard driving.
listen out for the prelude axles. if you start hearing a click or grinding sound from the driver side axle.

as for the clutch i used to run a cm stage 3 and cm 7lb. flywheel.
that 7lb. flywheel is also god's gift to man. turbo spool is incredible with it.

after you get the car back break it in. i seriously do not recommend you going to the event this weekend. you need to drive the first 500-1000 miles or so and check the oil constantly. then do an early oil change. then up the boost. don't boost 7psi right away. boost at about 4psi. make sure the motor and the turbo are broken in properly.
and the engine bay gets very, very, very hot. when you open the hood you'll notice the heat just pounding on your face. never push it too hard if you don't need to.

04-04-2002, 12:13 PM
all this talk of H22's and turbos is making me sick. I want to do my setup soo bad it hurts. Damn you, all of you!

ps. can you take me for a ride one day? :razz: