View Full Version : Who's got a JDM front end for the 94-01 Teggies?

Toda Party
04-03-2002, 06:23 PM
post up pix, info, price, oem or fiberglass, fitment, total price, etc


04-03-2002, 07:17 PM
well i don't have a JDM front end YET, but am in the process of getting one.

the shop near me quoted me 4,075 for: Mugen front bumper, JDM Type-R headlights, core support, VIS carbon fiber hood, JDM Type-R fenders (steel), Phillips HID kit, Buddy Club sides and rear.

so subtract about a grand due to HID's and side/rear. your looking at about 3,500 or so. it's about 500 dollars cheaper too if you go with fiberglass fenders instead of the JDM ones from Honda; but i'm not cutting corners. the local body shop said it would be around 800 dollars to put on the everything including radiator support. so another grand in labor. all comes out around 5,000.

hope that helps toda, i'm sure it doesn't tho!

04-03-2002, 07:28 PM
Dont have one but heres a butload of info/links. Some new, some used and painted, some fiber and some stock. Hope it helps.


Ok, not as much as I though, most of my old links dont work anymore.

Toda Party
04-03-2002, 10:43 PM
that's basically what I've found.

I'm def doing oem honda fenders. Front bumper and Lip im also doing oem honda, mugen, cwest, spoon, all too expensive.

I also have the phillips HID kit in my car now, and thankfully they are ok, so im going to swap those over as well.

I just need to see how much the hoodis...if a CF hood is cheaper, then I'm going to go w/ a CF hood instead of a metal.

cheapest I've found is on jdmhondaparts, 2,900.

fucking accidents :mad:

04-04-2002, 02:07 AM
I got a quote that was also for the JDM front end but it wasn't the Mugen fron it was the stock JDM (that sounds weird) front. It was also 5,000 (I've seen two or three they worked on very nice). If I did it though I'd get the JDM C-West one because I have yet to see it on a car (even at HIN or shows).

04-05-2002, 01:26 PM
Sorry Toda, I remembered I had a much better link awhile ago but cant find it or the sites gone. I remember because they had buy far the best deals Ive seen. All OEM metal for like 2,000-2,500 WITHOUT headlights...which you already have. I think they had an OEM nose with fiberglass quarters and hood for even less...maybe 2,000. Have you checked out any Japanese salvadge yards or anything? Im sure you could find one for 2k or less and just do all the prep and body work yourself fairly cheep? Whatever helps...I wanna see you get it though. Not alot of people on HH go that way. TONS of people seemed to have JDM conversions back on purehonda.com (now automotiveforums.com). Maybe you could pop in there and ask people there. They even have a pretty big JDM forum there.

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04-06-2002, 10:10 PM

Import Trenz has the best deal on JDM front online that i can find. for 1400 you get: headlights, hood, fenders, and front end. alls you need is a core support which they can do for 300. shipping is kinda expensive though, about 250 or so.

04-08-2002, 03:42 PM
Thanks for the links integra8!! I was looking to put JDM ITR in my 90. I'm forsure going to do that. That looks Sick. Just need more prices.