View Full Version : Need Help Swapping a 1991 D16ZC into a 1993 Del Sol

11-26-2005, 05:20 PM
HELP!!!!!! I made a mistake in the engine type of the vehicle... I still cant get my engine to turn.
I have a 1991 D16ZC SOHC engine that I am trying to swap into my 1993 Del Sol. Can anyone assist?

The Del Sol, which is an S, not an Si, had a D15 series engine. I initially tried using the distributor from my 1.5L engine and got a lot of white/gray smoke coming out of the exhaust. Just got a new (reman) distributor for a 1991 CRX and I can't quite figure out the wiring. I'm also using an MSD ignition and super coil instead of the stock coil on the distributor.

Any ideas on the wiring? Also, can anyone think of anything else I might be missing for this engine to work in my car?

11-26-2005, 11:37 PM
ok here is what i had to do to get an obd-0 distributor to work w/ the obd-1 harness.

You will need to re-pin the OBD1 distributor to match the (88-91) OBD0 plug as well. This step is fairly easy. Just match all the colors up. There should be 2 white wires that are on the OBD0 distributor plug and only one on the OBD1/2 plug and an extra yellow/green. The larger of the two white wires on the OBD0 side needs to go to the yellow/green wire on the Obd1 side. Therefore, the smaller white wire on the OBD0 side needs to go to the white wire on the OBD1 side. Basically you want to have 2 of the like plugs, either male and female OBD0 or OBD1. You can also cut and solder on the new plugs.

basically just matching the wires together by color cept for the white ones and whatever it says above. hope that helps

11-27-2005, 12:43 AM
I will take a oicture of the wires. They are a bit confusing, since the colors on the new ditrbutor are almost worn out. So, if this works i should get juice to the distributor correct? Right now all it does is make the noise that it is trying to start, but i see no sparks in the clear cap i purchased for this distrubutor..

Thanks for your assistance..


11-27-2005, 10:44 PM
if you match up the wires correctly and assuming everything else is done right it should be fine. keep in mind you would also need to use obd-1 injectors.

11-29-2005, 08:42 AM
I still cant get my engine to start up. I matched the wires/changed the injectors and nothing. the engine does not turn and i see no sparks in the clear distributor cap. Mind you i am missing the distributor insolutor cap that goes inside the distributor cap. Would this matter?
I know the car has fuel, and new plugs. but it wont turn the engine. you can find me at [email protected] messenger serice...
Thanks for all Sergio