View Full Version : price on 96-98 hatch

07-06-2002, 01:11 AM
im gonna turn 16 in december, and i want either a del sol or a 96-98 hatch. del sols are rare enough around here without looking for one someone wants to sell, and im not gonna go that way unless i can get a good deal on a VTEC trim. so ive been looking more at the 96-98 hatches, and i always see them advertised for more than people on here talk about buying them for. i realize that the newspaper is probably not the place to the find the best deal, but i dont know where to look. so anyone have any tips on finding the best deal on one of these cars? :-? :-?

07-06-2002, 01:41 AM
well i turned 16 about 8 months ago and just got my 97hb. i got it for 4,100 in great cond. but i bought the car from cali and i live in maryland. bought the car un-seen in person but had seen a bunch of pics. look on autotrader.com. you should look to pay about 5,500 for a nice EK, def DONT rush into buy the first one you see just cause you want a car. i have been driving my sister 91 integra for the past 6months so i wouldent blow any money. :lol: but its all good its got a b16a1 with i\h\e so i wasent cryin :bigwink: