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    Published on 09-27-2014 07:05 AM
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    Honda Civic Sport comes with a colour-coded rear spoiler and 17-inch alloy wheels, plus Type R-inspired front bumper featuring a lower grille mesh and a black roof lining for the cabin. You can order the new derivative with either ...
    Published on 09-13-2014 08:21 AM
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    Kelvin Bulda is a reserved individual who doesn't have much of an online alter ego. People within the Honda community are familiar with him and his car, but he generally keeps to himself. Kelvin prefers to stay away ...
    Published on 08-07-2014 07:37 AM
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    Before he was a household name in the Honda community and long before he went on a tear producing some of the most highly regarded and recognized builds the magazine has ever featured, RC Chacon of RC's Garage fame started off ...
    Published on 07-18-2014 07:36 AM
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    Worried, anxious, sweaty palms, nervous laughter—all signs of a modified Honda owner, especially Civics, while anywhere else other than the driver seat. Owning easily stolen cars with aftermarket parts that can be easily ...
    Published on 06-05-2014 07:29 AM

    The Japanese based automaker Honda has released a new teaser video with the upcoming Civic Type R, which will be officially unveiled later on this year.
    Published on 06-03-2014 07:22 AM
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    Few Hondas in the last 20 years carry as large a cult following as the '92-95 Civic hatchback, at least in the enthusiast circle. Admired for its low curb weight, Lego-like compatibility with the '94-and-newer Integra, ...
    Published on 04-22-2014 07:41 AM
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    During a recent track-test visit to Los Angeles, MT's resident racer Randy Pobst borrowed the Accord Sport for a week and came away mostly impressed. "Nice car," he noted. "The 'Sport' really means something. Not ...

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    I'm looking to upgrade my 96 Accord 2.2L wagon with struts to hold the hood up so I can get rid of the rod assigned to that task, because the rod is really

    Hood struts (lift supports) for V6 only (96 Accord wagon)?

    iplaysdrums 10-19-2014, 01:37 AM Go to last post

    on a 1998 honda civic ex sedan, im trying to pull the pins out of my door jam connector. but for some reason the pins wont pop out. please help me!!!

    i need help!!!

    mrlayy 10-18-2014, 10:23 AM Go to last post

    Makes sense, I doubt it's the TC though, I had one go on a work van I have and the shop I sent it to said there was loads of metal they had to clean out

    97 Honda Accord transmission

    DTylerCT 10-17-2014, 05:55 AM Go to last post

    That was my first approach. We have a very inexpensive junk yard in Atlanta and I got both solenoid sets and changed them out, one at a time. No joy.

    97 Honda Accord transmission

    Kurzweil 10-16-2014, 08:36 AM Go to last post

    Weird stuff... Are there any other solenoids/connectors you didn't check? I've always had very bad luck with stuff like that so I like to rule it out

    97 Honda Accord transmission

    DTylerCT 10-16-2014, 06:35 AM Go to last post
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